The Main Point

We are at a turning point in our humanity. Will we accept our inner hurt, lean into it without shame and allow ourselves to heal through the power of true, vulnerable human connection, or, will we continue to hide behind the walls of our social media pages where we maintain a generally fabricated and inauthentic version of ourselves, displayed with such expedience? Let us connect with ourselves and others on a deeper and higher level: the level in which we are unified! Social interaction coupled with shame-free experience-sharing, guides us toward a mentally healthy and fulfilling life. StoriesToSongs is a multifaceted, artistic platform; it is both a music docu-mini series, where personal stories are turned into songs as well as a community-driven initiative to stimulate human connection where people can feel free and safe to either share their pivotal, life-changing experiences or journey through their hardships with support and love.

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is a multi-media songwriting project focused on inner healing, delivered as a docu mini-series. Each episode takes us through a life event or situation experienced by an individual (participant). The main purpose of StoriesToSongs is to connect individuals of all backgrounds and different experiences, to create one community: to shine a light on our human condition and connectedness.

A note from Anthony Rispo, Executive Producer and Creator of StoriesToSongs:

Songwriting has inspired my own healing process; it helps me understand how to embrace the things that negatively affect my mental health. My struggle with anxiety is deeply rooted in my early life (and later) experiences, and it wasn’t until I began creating vignettes/ songs about those experiences that I was able to fully accept them, learn from them and move closer towards the kinder, more content and aware person I continue to become. When I was going through a particularly difficult time, I took to free-writing, or, “expressive writing”- an uninhibited, nonjudgmental process in which one allows their thoughts and feelings to flood a blank sheet of paper. You can learn more about expressive writing HERE. When my feelings crossed over from thought to paper, I felt the urge to translate them into something that could be understood by the people with whom I am closest as well as strangers, alike; for me, songwriting felt like the most natural way of doing this. Over time, I thought, if I am wanting to be heard and understood then surely others desire this feeling, as well. Songs are a medium through which people could feel a deeper connection with themselves and others. At one point I thought, writing about other people’s experiences, and not just my own, would be a great way of offering my gifts to the world! That realization was the conception of StoriesToSongs. When I need(ed) it the most, songwriting was/is there to save me and carry me through. It has become my most important resilience vitamin and my most cherished device to help me understand the world, my world and others – to help me make sense of my own feelings and emotions and to get me through some very difficult moments. Songs have always been one of the best translators of emotion, capturing what we as humans universally feel; we are bound by the universal emotions we feel through an ocean of experiences. The purpose of StoriesToSongs is to take us to a deeper place of understanding of ourselves and others. I like to think of StoriesToSongs as a Community of Healers.



StoriesToSongs is not a songwriting service; it is an environment, both physical and virtual, of connection and healing, conveying a variety of life experiences through art, i.e, music, imagery and film. StoriesToSongs is neither “Music Therapy” nor a substitute for regular psychotherapy, however, music and the process of sharing our experiences with bravery and candor, in their nature, are therapeutic and cathartic! StoriesToSongs is a bridge for people to cross into a community of compassion and a place to find resources for deeper personal discovery.


Video Mini-Series 

The StoriesToSongs Mini-Series is being produced by GoodForYouProductions of Peekskill, NY. Each episode will feature a person and their story, giving viewers an in-depth and intimate look into their lives, as well as a behind the scenes journey into the songwriting process and a live performance in the recording studio of the song relative to each episode, in front of an audience.